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"SUMO" ROUTER BIT SET 12PCS 6.35mm (1/4'') SUMO-0012

Brand: SUMO


The SUMO brand of tungsten tipped router bit set is a top-of-the-line tool designed to provide superior performance and durability for all your woodworking needs. This comprehensive set includes 16 meticulously crafted router bits, each equipped with a tungsten carbide tip.

The tungsten carbide tips are renowned for their exceptional hardness and resistance to wear, allowing these router bits to withstand the rigors of heavy use and remain sharp for extended periods of time. Whether you’re working on softwoods or hardwoods, the SUMO router bit set guarantees clean and precise cuts every time.

The set offers a wide variety of profiles and sizes, providing you with optimal versatility for various woodworking projects. From chamfering and edge forming to dado cutting and decorative molding, these router bits cover all essential functions with precision and efficiency.

Additionally, each router bit features a ¼ inch shank diameter, compatible with most routers available in the market. This ensures a snug fit and eliminates any potential wobbling or vibration during operation, resulting in smooth and accurate cuts.

Crafted from high-quality materials and engineered to the highest standards, the SUMO brand of tungsten tipped router bit set is a reliable and indispensable addition to any woodworker's toolkit. Whether you're a professional or a hobbyist, these router bits are designed to deliver exceptional performance, longevity, and unmatched results.



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